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Mino’s handmade WASHI paper dates back to 1300 years of history and is the oldest paper in Japan. In this exhibition “WACCO + SIBSI36”, the bag series exhibited was created from collaborations between SIBSI36, the manufacturer of persimmon dyed handmade WASHI and designer WACCO.

VENUE : November 27th (Tue) – December 25th (Tues) of 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S








“TALK SALONE EVENT at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S ”

VENUE : December 1st (Sat), 2012, 14:00pm – at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. 1F
SPEAKERS : WACCO x Hiroko Shinohara (President of SIBSI36) x Toshiyuki Kita
CONCERT : Hideki Okumura – Solo Violist (Graduated from Accademia Teatro alla Scala “Top of the Class”, Violist at Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra, currently active based in Japan.)

Mino Washi is made around the clear river banks of Nagara River of Mino area using traditional washi materials and special techniques to create the natural fiber fabrics. With the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design and images, “WACCO+SIBSI36” bags are of light-weight and strong, which was the center of the talk event as the speakers held and presented these bags on stage.
In addition, after the talk event, a mini concert performed by the violist, Hideki Okumura was held. As the season progresses from Autumn to Winter, the audience enjoyed an afternoon of lively heart felt music and a joyful moment of friendly exchange.

1015 tanba

New Release Exhibition from TAMBA

Ennen Kiln, Tadasaku Kiln, Toshihiko Kiln, Shinrin Kiln, Rinzou Kiln, Shouyou Kiln, Yamagotoukatsu Kiln
TAMBA series was born 2 years ago when Kita met with these young potters that inherit the traditional styles and techniques of Tamba Pottery. With its simple design of plates and cups, they are a joy to dish up, which is the reason for the continued creation of new releases to this day.

VENUE : October 20th (Sat) – November 18th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.

1015 tanba








Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.8 “Talk Session: Tamba Kiln Potters x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : November 10th (Sat), 2012 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F

At the heart of Tamba where original Japanese landscapes is still preserved widely, traditional kilns still burns after 800 years of history, creating everyday tableware such as plates and bowls, tea cups, sake pitchers, flower vases, etc. Young potters and Kita talked about design, what is important in modern tableware and the future of Tamba Pottery and many more.


Hiroshi Yamano Exhibition “Glass Forms vol.2 – Resonating Planetary Bodies”

Tomoe Adachi, Isao Ueno, Misako Onishi, Kenta Ohigashi, Tomoki Oki, Ryo Sekino, Yuko Sekino, Kenji Tamura, Sawako Fujiwara, Hiroshi Yamano (in syllabary order).
Hiroshi Yamano who has studied glass works in the United States, from 1991 in the cultural city of Seatle has held many exhibitions every year. As professor of the Osaka University of Arts where he teaches to young students and contributed to graduating many excellent artists. In this exhibition, he and his past colleagues and graduates will present new glass works.

VENUE : September 8th (Sat) – October 8th (Mon), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.










Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.7

“Talk Session: Hiroshi Yamano x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : September 29th (Sat), 2012 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F

Hiroshi Yamano’s creative origin lies in his sensation of surrounded by pure nature every time he walks through the forest, he says. At his glass studio in Arawa City of Fukuoka Prefecture where it is surrounded by rich nature, he will talk about blow glass productions and his new techniques.

icon_neo trevie


Trevie, meant to suggest “three ways”, as its name shows, serves three kinds of drinks,
coffee, red tea and green tea. All you have to do is to set the dedicated cartridge and
push a bottom, you can enjoy authentic taste. Neo Trevie, whose access cover has a
handle, becomes more easily-open and close. Its color variation is also appealing for
the use to choose the color according to their interior preference in kitchen or living


Milano Salone 2012”ICHIMURA”

A stool from Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced raw materials, was debuted at the Superstudio Piu venue of this year’s Salone Internationale del Milano. Created according to a new concept by Toshiyuki Kita, this stool combines extremely light, strong carbon fiber with an Italian material called Alcantara®. Great attention was paid to this full-scale introduction of carbon fiber in the realm of interior design, and the usage of Alcantara® was also an entirely new experiment. This stool was successfully lightened to a weight of around 800 grams, and features a practical design that incorporates advanced furniture materials to make it both strong and light. This stool – which has a soft, elegant shape that is also extremely durable and functional – is also stackable.

Period : Apr. 17(Tue) – 22(Sun), 2011
Venue : TEMPORARY MUSEUM FOR NEW DESIGN 2012, Superstudio Più


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Teaware to Enjoy Tea Ceremony

As the cold winter passes and to feel the warmth of the spring arriving, it is always nice to enjoy your cup of tea with the tea bowl and teaware you love.
At Sasayama Gallery KITA’S, we’ve selected tea bowls and teaware especially for tea ceremony.
You can enjoy our tea in your favorite tea bowl displayed at the gallery, along with cakes and sweets of west and east.

VENUE : April 12th (Thu) – May 13th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.