URUSHI – Exhibition of Two: Katsuji Kamata & Syuzo Shingu

Of the many techniques of lacquer crafts, Katsuji Kamata utilizes dry lacquer technique where bases of layered lacquer applied linen is used, to create light and soft impression of the bowl. Syuzo Shingu uses the hollowed technique with wood chisels to create his bowls, where both craftsmen gives dedicated attention from materials to the final end products. You will be able to enjoy the display of their latest works.

VENUE : March 15th (Sat) – April 14th (Mon), 2014 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.




Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.10

“Talk Session: Katsuji Kamata x Syuzo Shingu x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : March 15th (Sat), 2012  14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F

As our food culture and cuisines changes over the years, so does the lacquer ware’s distinctive appeal. The trend for lacquer ware is becoming, not only for the special occasions, but many are buying them also for everyday use. You will enjoy the talks from both craftsmen on the future of lacquer art.

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