Milano Salone 2008 Fuori Salone”Nature e Tecnologia”

This individual exhibition was based on the theme of the near future and dealt with the idea of incorporating natural materials into daily life. Kita exhibited comfortable furniture ideally suited to our living spaces and lifestyle that paid special attention to the superior natural qualities of wood and also incorporated recyclable aluminum.

The main material used is “kitayama-sugi” cedar from Kyoto, which has been prized as a high class material and used for over 600 years in tea houses and “sukiya” style architecture. The impressively formed trees, known for their straight trunks, can be considered a work of art in themselves. Rather than just cutting down the tree, master craftsmen are involved in the process from growing the cedar to making it into goods, which takes 30-40 years. This series of kitayama-sugi pieces retains the strength and gentle texture of the wood itself.


p0805_1 p0805_2 p0805_3 p0805_4 p0805_5 p0805_6

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