Milano Salone 2017 Triennale di Milano
“Hirosaki Tsugaru Nuri Design Project”

    Photograph by Tom Vack   “Hirosaki Tsugaru Nuri Project” with overall supervision and design by Toshiyuki Kita aims at re-introducing the traditional craftsman of Tsugaru Nuri with its long history into the global market, to create everyday household items for use in various modern lifestyles today. During April 4th through the 9th 2017, at the famous Triennale di Milano, Hirosaki Design Week organized exhibition “Milano 2017”, in the Hirosaki booth, tables, large cuisine plates and objets, items and tea caddy for Japanese tea ceremony, and a container in the shape of an apple called “HAPPY RINGO”, all made by traditional Tsugaru Nuri artisans was exhibited. Conscious of the global … Read more


Milano Salone 2017 Fuori Salone“MATERIAL / IMMATERIAL”

At the INTERNI’s 20th edition major exhibition-event MATERIAL/IMMATERIAL, held during the 2017 Fuori Salone in Milano, Toshiyuki Kita exhibited a project announcing a newly reborn innovative material resource made of bamboo. (Sponsored by SHUKOH Co.,Ltd.) VENUE 3-15,APRIL 2017 10:00-24:00 FuoriSalone 2017/ Universita degli Studi di Milano (historical courtyard hallway near the Press Office&Mac Stampa) FLAT BAMBU SHIMANE : A New Material of Flat-board Bamboo At the installation in the historical courtyard hallway of Universita degli Studi di Milano will be for INTERNI’s 20th anniversary edition, sponsored by SHUKOH Co.,Ltd., “FLAT BAMBU SHIMANE” series of various furnishings ultilizing the new flat-boarded bamboo material was announced and displayed. Bamboo is not only … Read more


Milano HOMI 2017 ”NEEL lamp ALED”

Photograph by Tom Vack   Seiko SCM Corporation, ever since its foundation in 1961, has nurtured a corporate culture that respects and greatly values the soul of metal spinning artisan, and manufacturing products that is loved by everyone. Based on a lamp designed by Toshiyuki Kita for the 2011 international trade fair in Paris called “BONBO”, a new LED table lamp and pendant lighting, “ALED” comes alive with the collaboration between Toshiyuki Kita and SEIKO SCM’s metal spinning artisans. This new “ALED” lighting series was announced and displayed at the latest international trade fair of Milano HOMI February 2017. 27-30,January 2017 at Fiera Milano – Rho(Milan) Pavilion 10, Stand C32 … Read more



Photograph by Tom Vack   Akita Prefecture, with approximately 820 thousand hectares of forest, accounting for 71% of its prefecture area; 50% are afforested Cedro woods. In order to utilize this forest resource effectively, in collaboration with Akita Prefecture and 7 of its wood furniture manufacturers, the new “AKITA COLLECTION” was released at the international trade fair of Milano HOMI 2017. Cedro Rosso di Akita woods which grow in the cold environment that were raised from seeds by hands of the pioneers and roots deeply into the ground, forms with fine annual rings, beautiful red colored wood grains and has a sturdy but light-weight and soft textured qualities. Making the best use … Read more