Toshiyuki Kita Design Laboratory Ltd. safeguards the information of our customers and clients and views it as our social responsibility to preserve their trust. All of us working at Toshiyuki Kita Design Laboratory Ltd. protect the information of customers and clients and strive to live up to their trust by accurately and safely handling their personal information and trade secrets.

  • We abide by the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and standards.
  • We take great care handling customers' personal information that was submitted through the contact form and other methods. When using this personal information, we utilize, provide, and entrust it only within the bounds of business purposes.
  • Along with establishing a system for managing personal information, we make our rules known to executives and staff and work to comply with them thoroughly.
  • We will not disclose personal information provided by customers to a third party without the customer's consent or other justifiable reason.
  • Along with ensuring that personal information is both correct and current, we work to prevent unauthorized access to personal information as well as its loss, destruction, falsification, disclosure, etc.
  • We will respond faithfully and promptly to customer inquiries and requests for disclosure, etc. regarding personal information.

December 27, 2007
Toshiyuki Kita Design Laboratory Ltd.
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