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Italian Institute of Culture – Italian Design Day Dialogue Video

Antonio Citterio and Toshiyuki Kita, two design maestros representing Italy and Japan, respectively, have released a video interview in which they discuss their long lives as designers, from their past experiences to their visions for the future, from multiple perspectives, including their social backgrounds. The “Italian Design Day” is an event held since 2017 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, together with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities, with the aim of spreading the history and current state of Italian design. GRANDI AMICI DELLʼ ITALIA” (Great Italian Friends) is a new series of talks by great Japanese maestros from various fields, who will … Read more

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Italian Institute of Culture – Osaka Organized Event Webinars

Toshiyuki Kita will participate as a lecturer in a seminar at the special site of the Italian Cultural Institute Osaka, one of the events of the Italian Design Day. Please take a look. The “Italian Design Day” is an event held since 2017 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, together with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities, with the aim of spreading the history and current state of Italian design. GRANDI AMICI DELLʼ ITALIA” (Great Italian Friends) is a new series of talks by great Japanese maestros from various fields, who will share their personal relationship with Italy. Italy is a place where … Read more



Milano Salone 2017 Fuori Salone
” Toshiyuki Kita BONBO becomes ALED TRADITION inspires INDUSTRY”

In 2011, Toshiyuki Kita designed light stand using traditional Japanese craftsmanship called “BONBO” with Japanese-Washi paper material was announced in Paris. In January 2017, this time utilizing the traditional craftsmanship of metal spinning artisan with Aluminum material, with the same design inspiration birthed a new “ALED” lamp from the Japanese brand “NEEL”. All during the Milano Design Week (Milano Fuori Salone 2017), the well-established Italian brand boutique RODO on the fashion design street Corso Matteotti displayed the “ALED” lights in their front window showcase. 4-9,APRIL 2017 10:00-19:00 RODO boutique – corso matteotti, 14 MILANO (website)



Milano Salone 2017 Triennale di Milano
“Hirosaki Tsugaru Nuri Design Project”

    Photograph by Tom Vack   “Hirosaki Tsugaru Nuri Project” with overall supervision and design by Toshiyuki Kita aims at re-introducing the traditional craftsman of Tsugaru Nuri with its long history into the global market, to create everyday household items for use in various modern lifestyles today. During April 4th through the 9th 2017, at the famous Triennale di Milano, Hirosaki Design Week organized exhibition “Milano 2017”, in the Hirosaki booth, tables, large cuisine plates and objets, items and tea caddy for Japanese tea ceremony, and a container in the shape of an apple called “HAPPY RINGO”, all made by traditional Tsugaru Nuri artisans was exhibited. Conscious of the global … Read more



Milano Salone 2017 Fuori Salone“MATERIAL / IMMATERIAL”

At the INTERNI’s 20th edition major exhibition-event MATERIAL/IMMATERIAL, held during the 2017 Fuori Salone in Milano, Toshiyuki Kita exhibited a project announcing a newly reborn innovative material resource made of bamboo. (Sponsored by SHUKOH Co.,Ltd.) VENUE 3-15,APRIL 2017 10:00-24:00 FuoriSalone 2017/ Universita degli Studi di Milano (historical courtyard hallway near the Press Office&Mac Stampa) FLAT BAMBU SHIMANE : A New Material of Flat-board Bamboo At the installation in the historical courtyard hallway of Universita degli Studi di Milano will be for INTERNI’s 20th anniversary edition, sponsored by SHUKOH Co.,Ltd., “FLAT BAMBU SHIMANE” series of various furnishings ultilizing the new flat-boarded bamboo material was announced and displayed. Bamboo is not only … Read more



Photograph by Tom Vack   Akita Prefecture, with approximately 820 thousand hectares of forest, accounting for 71% of its prefecture area; 50% are afforested Cedro woods. In order to utilize this forest resource effectively, in collaboration with Akita Prefecture and 7 of its wood furniture manufacturers, the new “AKITA COLLECTION” was released at the international trade fair of Milano HOMI 2017. Cedro Rosso di Akita woods which grow in the cold environment that were raised from seeds by hands of the pioneers and roots deeply into the ground, forms with fine annual rings, beautiful red colored wood grains and has a sturdy but light-weight and soft textured qualities. Making the best use … Read more


Milano HOMI 2017 ”NEEL lamp ALED”

Photograph by Tom Vack   Seiko SCM Corporation, ever since its foundation in 1961, has nurtured a corporate culture that respects and greatly values the soul of metal spinning artisan, and manufacturing products that is loved by everyone. Based on a lamp designed by Toshiyuki Kita for the 2011 international trade fair in Paris called “BONBO”, a new LED table lamp and pendant lighting, “ALED” comes alive with the collaboration between Toshiyuki Kita and SEIKO SCM’s metal spinning artisans. This new “ALED” lighting series was announced and displayed at the latest international trade fair of Milano HOMI February 2017. 27-30,January 2017 at Fiera Milano – Rho(Milan) Pavilion 10, Stand C32 … Read more



Lecture at Politecnico di Milano “Made with Heart and Soul”

Toshiyuki Kita held a open class lecture at Politecnico di Milano on Novemeber 8th,2016, with special guest Enrico Baleri, on the theme “Made with Heart and Soul” about design and his lifework collaboration with various Japanese traditional craftsmanship. Open Class Lecture: “Made with Heart and Soul” Lecturer: Toshiyuki Kita Special guest : Enrico Baleri Venue: November 8th, 2016 9:30am- at Politecnico di Milano



XXIV Compasso d’Oro ADI

Jun 14, 2016(Tue) Palazzo Isimbardi Invited as the ADI International Jury for the XXIV-ADI Compasso d’Oro Award.



Toshiyuki Kita Exhibition “IL LUSSO DELLA NATURA” / Chiesa Di San Domenico [ALBA,Italy]

Kita’s exhibition “IL LUSSO DELLA NATURA” was held at Chiesa Di San Domenico in ALBA,Italy, a 14th century old church located in central Alba near northern Italy of TURIN. General supervision by Bertone Design office in Milan. This was held in succession to Kita’s exhibition “Timeless Future” on June of 2014 in Barolo Castle of Piemonte,Italy, a pre-MilanoEXPO2015 event.



URUSHI – Exhibition of Two: Katsuji Kamata & Syuzo Shingu

Of the many techniques of lacquer crafts, Katsuji Kamata utilizes dry lacquer technique where bases of layered lacquer applied linen is used, to create light and soft impression of the bowl. Syuzo Shingu uses the hollowed technique with wood chisels to create his bowls, where both craftsmen gives dedicated attention from materials to the final end products. You will be able to enjoy the display of their latest works. VENUE : March 15th (Sat) – April 14th (Mon), 2014 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.   Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.10 “Talk Session: Katsuji Kamata x Syuzo Shingu x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : March 15th (Sat), 2012  14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama … Read more



Edo’s Craftsmanship – Coffee Ware Exhibition

While keeping the craftsmanship of traditional arts for over several hundreds of years in Edo Tokyo, Koutou-ku Traditional Crafts Association now creates modernized tools for the modern lifestyle. In this “Coffee Box” themed event, coffee drippers and canisters, spoons and coffee cups made from tortoiseshells, and many selected goods including container made from cask material, etc wil be displayed. VENUE : October 25th (Fri) – November 21st (Thu), 2013 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.9 “Talk Session: Koutou-ku Traditional Crafts Association (Eifu Kawamata, Tsuyoshi Isogai, Keiichi Nakamura, Koto Tomita) x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : November 2nd (Sat), 2013 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F With … Read more



Exhibition: Tableware to Enjoy Spring

As we feel the warmth of cozy spring, we bring you the latest releases of from HANA series plates and bowls that will match the current season of spring. You can enjoy the local traditional Sasayama confectionaries at our tea room as well. VENUE : April 12th (Fri) – May 21st (Tues), 2013 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.



Milano Salone 2013”serie MAGICA”

Toshiyuki Kita released “serie MAGICA” from Giorgetti, one of the world’s most prominent Italian wooden furniture brands. With beautiful leather coverings, the contrast between the wooden and metal materials creates a sophisticated impression. This series is comprised of a rotary recliner, stool, and table. The active design of the chair changes when people sit on it, adding a new type of expression to Giorgetti’s dignified furniture Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: Rho International Trade Fair venue / Giorgetti Atelier via Serbelloni Milan



Millano Salone 2013”SARUYAMA GIRO”

Toshiyuki Kita’s famous work “SARUYAMA” was released by MOROSO in 1989, followed by “SARUYAMA ISLANDS” in 2006 and the new “SARUYAMA GIRO” in 2013. Like the SARUYAMA pieces of the past, each part of SARUYAMA GIRO can be freely combined or moved to different locations according to individual sensibilities. A space is created when a person sits on the chair, with the major theme of “the relationship between people and spaces.” Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: Rho International Trade Fair venue / MOROSO show room via Pontaccio milan



Milano Salone 2013”New Technology + 100% Recycled Material”

Toshiyuki Kita released the MILCA series made of recycled materials, based on the theme of “new materials that are reborn multiple times.” This series consists of a chair, table, and stool printed in different materials, and is a proposal for the future born from a collaboration with the recycling technologies of bolda. Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: ddn design view_mecenate area design via Mecenate 76 milan



MAISON & OBJET 2013”@-chair”

Toshiyuki Kita presented an armchair and side table from the CINNA brand of Ligne roset (a French company) at Maison&Objet, an international trade fair in Paris. Based on the concept that body posture impacts health, one can spend long hours in this chair working on the computer in a relaxed position. If you recline the back of the chair, it can also be used as a comfortable chaise longue – with this single chair you can enjoy a comfortable space that is all your own. Furthermore, you can freely choose your preferred color combination for the cover. Venue : Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center Sponsor : SAFI




Mino’s handmade WASHI paper dates back to 1300 years of history and is the oldest paper in Japan. In this exhibition “WACCO + SIBSI36”, the bag series exhibited was created from collaborations between SIBSI36, the manufacturer of persimmon dyed handmade WASHI and designer WACCO. VENUE : November 27th (Tue) – December 25th (Tues) of 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S   “TALK SALONE EVENT at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S ” VENUE : December 1st (Sat), 2012, 14:00pm – at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. 1F SPEAKERS : WACCO x Hiroko Shinohara (President of SIBSI36) x Toshiyuki Kita CONCERT : Hideki Okumura – Solo Violist (Graduated from Accademia Teatro alla Scala “Top of the Class”, Violist … Read more

1015 tanba


New Release Exhibition from TAMBA

Ennen Kiln, Tadasaku Kiln, Toshihiko Kiln, Shinrin Kiln, Rinzou Kiln, Shouyou Kiln, Yamagotoukatsu Kiln TAMBA series was born 2 years ago when Kita met with these young potters that inherit the traditional styles and techniques of Tamba Pottery. With its simple design of plates and cups, they are a joy to dish up, which is the reason for the continued creation of new releases to this day. VENUE : October 20th (Sat) – November 18th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.8 “Talk Session: Tamba Kiln Potters x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : November 10th (Sat), 2012 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F At the … Read more



Hiroshi Yamano Exhibition “Glass Forms vol.2 – Resonating Planetary Bodies”

Tomoe Adachi, Isao Ueno, Misako Onishi, Kenta Ohigashi, Tomoki Oki, Ryo Sekino, Yuko Sekino, Kenji Tamura, Sawako Fujiwara, Hiroshi Yamano (in syllabary order). Hiroshi Yamano who has studied glass works in the United States, from 1991 in the cultural city of Seatle has held many exhibitions every year. As professor of the Osaka University of Arts where he teaches to young students and contributed to graduating many excellent artists. In this exhibition, he and his past colleagues and graduates will present new glass works. VENUE : September 8th (Sat) – October 8th (Mon), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.7 “Talk Session: Hiroshi Yamano x Toshiyuki Kita” … Read more



Milano Salone 2012”ICHIMURA”

A stool from Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced raw materials, was debuted at the Superstudio Piu venue of this year’s Salone Internationale del Milano. Created according to a new concept by Toshiyuki Kita, this stool combines extremely light, strong carbon fiber with an Italian material called Alcantara®. Great attention was paid to this full-scale introduction of carbon fiber in the realm of interior design, and the usage of Alcantara® was also an entirely new experiment. This stool was successfully lightened to a weight of around 800 grams, and features a practical design that incorporates advanced furniture materials to make it both strong and light. This stool – … Read more



Teaware to Enjoy Tea Ceremony

As the cold winter passes and to feel the warmth of the spring arriving, it is always nice to enjoy your cup of tea with the tea bowl and teaware you love. At Sasayama Gallery KITA’S, we’ve selected tea bowls and teaware especially for tea ceremony. You can enjoy our tea in your favorite tea bowl displayed at the gallery, along with cakes and sweets of west and east. VENUE : April 12th (Thu) – May 13th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.  



Exhibition “Earthenware Pot & Hollowware”

As the cold winter season approaches, so will the dining scene with everyone surrounding and enjoying a single pot “Nabe” cuisine. Today, so many variations of “Nabe” cuisines are becoming popular, the center piece of the Earthenware pot is gathering attention widely. In 2009, I was asked to design an IH-compatible Earthenware pot using carbon material as the heat generating source. 4 types of pots were made, one for “Nabe” cuisine, another for rice cooking, a stew pot and one that could be also used for steaming vegetables,  meat and fishes, etc. By using an innovative material as IH stove compatibility for Earthenware pots, regular gas oven tops and electrical … Read more



Timeless Future

This exhibition, Kita’s first large-scale exhibition in Japan in approximately 20 years, is composed of items produced in Japan, Italy, and Northern Europe (such as furniture, daily household goods, lighting equipment, and more), as well as works from the Triennale di Milano. It is an attempt to have an overhead view of design over a long span via futuristic design, lifestyle design, and traditional industrial design. Period : Oct. 27(Thu) – Nov. 13(SUn), 2011 h. 10.30 – 19.00 * Closed on Wednesdays (excluding holidays) / open on Nov. 2 Venue : Living Desing Center OZONE (3F Shinjuku Park Tower)


2011.09.29 / 2012.01.27

ADI Compasso d’Oro Award(Italy) Reception Party

Venue: September 29th, 2011 at the Rhiga Royal Hotel of Osaka Venue: January 27th, 2012 at The Ritz Carlton of Tokyo



Edo’s Nine Craftsman Exhibition

Casks – Eifu Kawamata / Tortoiseshell – Isogai Tsuyoshi / Framer – Iwasaki Akira / Edo Glass Kiriko – Okubo Tadayuki / Edo Braid- Haneda Shinji / Tinsmith – Nakamura Keiichi / Fountain Pen – Kawakubo Katsumi / Metalcraft Creator – Koto Miyata / Nihonga Artist – Ikegami Hiroko There is always a feel of “strength” in hand-made items that cannot be felt from machine-made products. New sensations, which can only originate from those hands that inherit traditional craftsmanship and wisdom and from the use of fine materials. Daily-use goods which brings richness into our lifestyle, teaware that decorates the tea ceremony for that special occasion. VENUE : September 2nd … Read more



Tsujino Takeshi & fresco’s “Glassware Exhibition”

Glass Artist Takeshi Tsujino, along with six studio artists from his “fresco” glass works studio established in 2005, will be presenting works of “handmade art” and “original identity” in this modern lifestyle as their brand theme. Through their glassware made from collaborations between creators’ “expression” and the users’ “expression”, the importance of human, nature and handicraft was displayed. VENUE: July 22nd (Fri) – August 23rd (Tues), 2011 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.4 “Talk Session: Takeshi Tsujino x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : August 6th (Sat), 2011  14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F Blown glass technique is a method of creating glassware by wrapping hot 1200 … Read more


Millano Salone 2011″Fasem”

The new “Tori” series and “Nara” were released by Fasem. Period : Apr.12-17, 2011 Trade fair venue : Rho fairgrounds PAD.05 STAND G-6



Milano Salone 2011”Oluce”

New works from lighting brand Oluce were released at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, and at the Euroluce international lighting trade fair. Period : Apr.12(Tue)-17(Sun), 2011 Trade fair venue : Rho fairgrounds PAD.13 STAND A-19




Toshiyuki Kita attempted to propose and reconsider baths (“furo”) in Japanese – an indispensible part of Japanese lifestyles and culture – using an independently developed type of finely textured bubbles. The purpose of Japanese baths is not only to wash the body, but also for relaxation, soothing the mind and body, and reflecting on oneself at the end of the day. These elements are the source of “Furo–Discover Your Nature.” Period : Apr.12(Tue)-17(Sun), 2011 Trade fair venue : C/O Superstudio Piu’, via Tortona 27, Milan  



Zoukibayashi – Odawara-Hakone’s “Yosegi-zaiku” (Wooden Mosaic Parquetry)

During the Edo-period, Odawara Hakone’s wooden mosaic parquetry called “Yosegi-zaiku” has always fascinated the travelers passing across the steep mountainous path of Hakone. The 6 members of Zoukibayashi: Kiyotaka Tsuyuki, Yuta Shimizu, Yuuki Ishikawa, Ken Ohta, Yuhei Kojima and Eiji Shinoda, who has inherited the generations of traditional artistry and craftsmanship, will be displaying their latest Yosegi-zaiku products. VENUE : April 9th (Sat) – May 10th (Tue), 2011 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.   Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.3 “Talk Session: Zoukibayashi craftsmen x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : April 23rd (Sat), 2011 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F An 1,200 years old tradition of Odawara’s wooden mosaic parquetry called … Read more