2007 / stile LIFE / Japan

“Kitayama-sugi” cedar from Kyoto has been prized as a high class material and used for over six hundred years in tea houses and “sukiya” style architecture. The impressively formed trees, known for their straight trunks, can be considered a work of art in themselves.

The TRONCO series was born from an attempt to return tokobashira (ornamental alcove posts), which have long been used as a symbol of the natural world in traditional Japanese interiors, to contemporary spaces. These benches and chairs have a simple design that efficiently utilizes materials and retains the strong, gentle qualities of Kitayama-sugi cedar. Recycled aluminum is also incorporated into the legs and backs. The straightforward, modern design of these pieces is neither Japanese nor Western, and can be featured both in private homes and commercial spaces.

* “Tronco” means “log” in Italian.

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