Robohelper SASUKE

2016 / MUSCLE Corporation / Japan

“Older the society becomes, the more human kindness is required”.
This was the design theme for this new and innovating nursing care product, SASUKE. To incorporate the need for everyday nursing care environment and to lessen the burden for all involved, Muscle Corporation’s intelligent motor “COOL MUSCLE” was used for this new design approach to transfer aid system in nursing care. Designed and developed with global requirements needed for nursing care in mind, with minimum compact size and maneuver area, SASUKE is capable of lifting the care receiver just like being embraced in both arms from below and then carried and transferred with ease and kindness. The maneuver by the care taker is very simple and instinctive by turning and tilting the grip to the direction the care worker wants to move, to which the SASUKE responds simultaneously. Adoption of battery pack and caster wheels for light-weight and ease of movement. SASUKE’s leg width is designed to be wide enough to get close to the wheelchair as possible, so the transfer aid from “Bed-to-Wheelchair-to-Bed” will become very easy.

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