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Japan Creative Centre

The Japan Creative Centre in Singapore is a new facility that serves as a base to transmit Japanese culture to the rest of the world, and is constructed from historic buildings that have been remodeled.

With a library and a gallery that introduces Japanese culture, the Japan Creative Centre will also share information internationally via its website.

In his role as director of this project, Toshiyuki Kita supervised the facilities as a whole, including their visual aspects, and also produced the opening exhibition.









Timeless Future @ Shanghai H.N.Lin Design Center 2009

An exhibition gathering together Kita’s work that depicts the future will be held in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is a city that has come to embody “the future” through its remarkable development in recent years.

The wide variety of exhibited “KITA DESIGN” items includes chairs that have been chosen for the permanent collections of museums worldwide (including the Museum of Modern Art, New York), near-future household robots and electronic appliances, and new pieces that were shown for the first time at I Saloni Milano 2009. “Daily use items” perfect for modern lifestyles that were born from a fusion with high quality traditional crafts, featuring lighting fixtures, tableware, the “Ceremony Space” tea pavilion, and even lacquerware will also be exhibited.

Venue: H.N. Lin Design Center





Milano Salone 2009 Fuori Salone“MERITALIA” NEW TOKI

“NEW TOKI” is part of the 2009 Meritalia Collection from Meritalia, which features work by six designers.

Period: Apr. 22(Wed) – 27(Mon), 2009
Venue: Meritalia Showroom, Via Durini, 23, Milan
Trade fair venue: PAD.5 1F STAND C11 D08
h. 9.30 – 18.30

Opening party: Apr. 24(Fri) h. 19.00 – 22.00
Venue: Meritalia Showroom

p0905_1 p0905_2 p0905_3


Milano Salone 2009 Fuori Salone “KITA.FUTURE DELIGHT”

KITA. FUTURE DELIGHT, based on the theme of “light that illuminates a bright future,” is focused on lighting equipment that employs the promising new technology of OLED.

Featuring a wide variety of materials and designs, this lighting equipment is also made to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

GALLERIA IL CASTELLO, via Brera 16, Milano

COCKTAIL:04.22 19:00-22:00
PRESS PREVIEW:04.22 17:00-19:00

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Zoukibayashi – Odawara-Hakone’s “Yosegi-zaiku” (Wooden Mosaic Parquetry)

Odawara Hakone’s wooden mosaic parquetry called “Yosegi-zaiku”, this traditional handicraft is made by the 6 members of Zoukibayashi: Kiyotaka Tsuyuki, Eiji Shinoda, Yuuki Ishikawa, Ken Ohta, Yuhei Kojima and Yuta Shimizu, who has inherited the generations of traditional artistry and craftsmanship, will be displaying their latest Yosegi-zaiku products.

This traditional handicraft was very popular during the Edo-period among the travelers passing across the steep mountainous path of Hakone, which is once again revived today.

(Support: Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center)

VENUE : April 10th (Fri) – 25th (Sat), 2009 at Gallery anima





Handicraft Seminar No.23 “Rhythm of Wood”

“Talk Session: Tsuyuki Kiyotaka (Tsuyuki Wood Factory) x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : April 10th (Fri), 2009 19:00 – 20:00 at Gallery anima

The representative of Zoukibayashi, Kiyotaka Tsuyuki as guest, will talk with Toshiyuki Kita about the future of Yosegi-zaiku and wood crafts in this new lifestyle of ours.


Katsuji Kamata – Exhibition of Dry Lacquer Tableware

By utilizing Wajima-Noto’s 1,000 years old dry lacquer techniques, Kamata Katsuji’s endeavor of pursuing the creativity of this art, his lacquer ware is very popular these days, and it is said that he has seems to attain a style of his own lacquer technique at last. His tableware made to “being-used” for any occasions of our modern lifestyle, he will present newly created varieties of nested boxes and spoons.

VENUE : February 13th (Fri) – 28th (Sat), 2009 at Gallery anima.





Handicraft Seminar No.21 “Dry Lacquer Talks”

“Talk Session: Katsuji Kamata x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : February 13th (Fri), 2009  18:00 – 19:00 at Gallery anima

Painting and overlaying multifold of lacquer over the linen base, Katsuji Kamata will talk with Toshiyuki Kita, whose involvement with Wajima is also lifelong, about these tedious processes of dry lacquer techniques, and also about the past, present and future of Wajima’s lacquer,


Design Runaissance KOBE

Ever since the Port of Kobe was opened, the lifestyle industry in Kobe has fused international and Japanese culture into a unique and well-known “Kobe brand” that includes apparel, furniture, confectionery, pearls, and coffee.

Many tasteful, high quality lifestyle products are made in Kobe, a pleasant place to live that is surrounded by mountains and ocean and blessed with a beautiful natural environment.



p0902_3This project involved ten exceptional craft companies from Kobe, who kept Kobe’s identity in mind as they worked to develop a new tasteful and high-quality “Kobe brand.”


Odawara Hakone “Yosegizaiku Project”

Yosegi (mosaic woodwork patterned) crafts from Odawara and Hakone have been beloved souvenirs of the Hakone region since the Edo period.

This project combines the skillful techniques and wisdom that have been passed down through generations of craftspeople with modern, internationally-minded items made by contemporary young craftsmen who draw upon hundreds of years of history.
It is also an attempt to transform high-quality sensibilities into a local brand.

p0901_1 p0901_2 p0901_3


Edo’s Seven Craftsman Exhibition

As from the exhibition theme, we can virtually see how the Edo period people lived a rich lifestyle just by looking at their strong and lively modern works of a traditional crafts with long history.

VENUE : January 14th (Wed) – February 4th (Wed), 2009 at Gallery anima.





Handicraft Seminar No.20 “Edo’s Takumi(Master Craftsman) Techniques”

“Talk Session: Tsuyoshi Isogai (Tortoiseshell) / Akira Iwasaki (Framer) / Tadayuki Okubo (Edo Glass Kiriko) / Eifu Kawamata (Wooden Casks) / Keiichi Nakamura (Tinsmith) x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : January 14th (Wed), 2009 18:00 – 19:00 at Gallery anima

From the Koutou-ku Traditional Crafts Association’s members, traditional craftsman of tortoiseshell, framing, Edo glass kiriko, wooden casks and tinsmith will talk with designer Toshiyuki Kita on techniques of various traditional crafts.