Edo’s Seven Craftsman Exhibition

As from the exhibition theme, we can virtually see how the Edo period people lived a rich lifestyle just by looking at their strong and lively modern works of a traditional crafts with long history.

VENUE : January 14th (Wed) – February 4th (Wed), 2009 at Gallery anima.





Handicraft Seminar No.20 “Edo’s Takumi(Master Craftsman) Techniques”

“Talk Session: Tsuyoshi Isogai (Tortoiseshell) / Akira Iwasaki (Framer) / Tadayuki Okubo (Edo Glass Kiriko) / Eifu Kawamata (Wooden Casks) / Keiichi Nakamura (Tinsmith) x Toshiyuki Kita”

VENUE : January 14th (Wed), 2009 18:00 – 19:00 at Gallery anima

From the Koutou-ku Traditional Crafts Association’s members, traditional craftsman of tortoiseshell, framing, Edo glass kiriko, wooden casks and tinsmith will talk with designer Toshiyuki Kita on techniques of various traditional crafts.

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