Milano Salone 2005 Fuori Salone,STOKKE

Toshiyuki Kita released his new chair “TOK” from STOKKE, a company in Norway (Northern Europe) that makes wooden furniture. Special features are the warmth of the wood and its organic form. The chair also includes a rocking function and, together with the ottoman, supports a variety of postures. 2005.04.12(Tue)~18(Mon)


Milano Salone 2005 INTERNI Event,”Open Air Design / SPRING”

Kita, as an invited designer, presented his bench “SPRING” as part of the INTERNI-sponsored event that took place during the duration of the Salone in the city of Milan. The concept of this work is a brief rest beneath a shady tree, and the mirror finish of the frame was consciously designed to reflect the greenery of the park and blend smoothly into it. Many attendees enjoyed sitting on the bench for a few moments and watching the displayed images of cherry blossoms that evoke the work’s title.