Exhibition: Tableware to Enjoy Spring

As we feel the warmth of cozy spring, we bring you the latest releases of from HANA series plates and bowls that will match the current season of spring. You can enjoy the local traditional Sasayama confectionaries at our tea room as well. VENUE : April 12th (Fri) – May 21st (Tues), 2013 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.



Milano Salone 2013”serie MAGICA”

Toshiyuki Kita released “serie MAGICA” from Giorgetti, one of the world’s most prominent Italian wooden furniture brands. With beautiful leather coverings, the contrast between the wooden and metal materials creates a sophisticated impression. This series is comprised of a rotary recliner, stool, and table. The active design of the chair changes when people sit on it, adding a new type of expression to Giorgetti’s dignified furniture Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: Rho International Trade Fair venue / Giorgetti Atelier via Serbelloni Milan



Millano Salone 2013”SARUYAMA GIRO”

Toshiyuki Kita’s famous work “SARUYAMA” was released by MOROSO in 1989, followed by “SARUYAMA ISLANDS” in 2006 and the new “SARUYAMA GIRO” in 2013. Like the SARUYAMA pieces of the past, each part of SARUYAMA GIRO can be freely combined or moved to different locations according to individual sensibilities. A space is created when a person sits on the chair, with the major theme of “the relationship between people and spaces.” Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: Rho International Trade Fair venue / MOROSO show room via Pontaccio milan



Milano Salone 2013”New Technology + 100% Recycled Material”

Toshiyuki Kita released the MILCA series made of recycled materials, based on the theme of “new materials that are reborn multiple times.” This series consists of a chair, table, and stool printed in different materials, and is a proposal for the future born from a collaboration with the recycling technologies of bolda. Period: April 9 (Tuesday) – April 14 (Sunday) Venue: ddn design view_mecenate area design via Mecenate 76 milan