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New Release Exhibition from TAMBA

Ennen Kiln, Tadasaku Kiln, Toshihiko Kiln, Shinrin Kiln, Rinzou Kiln, Shouyou Kiln, Yamagotoukatsu Kiln TAMBA series was born 2 years ago when Kita met with these young potters that inherit the traditional styles and techniques of Tamba Pottery. With its simple design of plates and cups, they are a joy to dish up, which is the reason for the continued creation of new releases to this day. VENUE : October 20th (Sat) – November 18th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S. Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.8 “Talk Session: Tamba Kiln Potters x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : November 10th (Sat), 2012 14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S 2F At the … Read more