Milano Salone 2006″Japan Design : Good Design Award 50 Years”

The Triennale is famous worldwide as an art gallery for design and architecture. 20 Japanese corporations who are leaders in the realms of automobiles, home electronics, information-related equipment, daily goods, and other fields participated in an exhibition there focused mainly on products that have won the Good Design Award as well as historical famous brand goods, concept design, etc. Toshiyuki Kita, who was the Good Design Chairperson of the Jury that year, entirely produced an exhibition that conveyed the potential and appeal of Japan Design, which leads the world in terms of history and innovation. Approximately 50,000 people attended and the high quality of Japanese design drew much attention from … Read more



Milano Salone 2006 Fuori Salone”Design Happy Singapore”

Since 2004, Toshiyuki Kita has worked as design advisor for the Government of Singapore and has presented projects with four Singaporean companies as well as comprehensively producing exhibition spaces. In addition, “VIVO CITY,” designed by Toyo Ito, and night photographs of Singapore taken by Italian photographer Maurizio Marcato were also on display. 2006.04.04(Tue)



Milano Salone 2006 Fuori Salone INTERNI Event,”Heavylight / Da Tempo”

INTERNI, which sponsors Fuori Salone, held an event consisting of an installation based on the theme of “Heavylight” lamps. Invited designers held solo exhibitions at 8 places within the city of Milan. Kita presented “Da Tempo” in the Piazza Mercanti near Duomo, located in the center of Milan. Including a 4.5 meter tall washi paper lantern and a brand new lamp, many categories were created in one space, expressing the flow of time. A great deal of people attended and talked about the opening event. 2006.04.04(Tue)-10(Mon) Loggia Del Mercanti