Katsuji Kamata – Exhibition of Dry Lacquer Tableware

By utilizing Wajima-Noto’s 1,000 years old dry lacquer techniques, Kamata Katsuji’s endeavor of pursuing the creativity of this art, his lacquer ware is very popular these days, and it is said that he has seems to attain a style of his own lacquer technique at last. His tableware made to “being-used” for any occasions of our modern lifestyle, he will present newly created varieties of nested boxes and spoons. VENUE : February 13th (Fri) – 28th (Sat), 2009 at Gallery anima. Handicraft Seminar No.21 “Dry Lacquer Talks” “Talk Session: Katsuji Kamata x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : February 13th (Fri), 2009  18:00 – 19:00 at Gallery anima Painting and overlaying multifold … Read more


Design Runaissance KOBE

Ever since the Port of Kobe was opened, the lifestyle industry in Kobe has fused international and Japanese culture into a unique and well-known “Kobe brand” that includes apparel, furniture, confectionery, pearls, and coffee. Many tasteful, high quality lifestyle products are made in Kobe, a pleasant place to live that is surrounded by mountains and ocean and blessed with a beautiful natural environment. This project involved ten exceptional craft companies from Kobe, who kept Kobe’s identity in mind as they worked to develop a new tasteful and high-quality “Kobe brand.”