Milano Salone 2012”ICHIMURA”

A stool from Ichimura Sangyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced raw materials, was debuted at the Superstudio Piu venue of this year’s Salone Internationale del Milano. Created according to a new concept by Toshiyuki Kita, this stool combines extremely light, strong carbon fiber with an Italian material called Alcantara®. Great attention was paid to this full-scale introduction of carbon fiber in the realm of interior design, and the usage of Alcantara® was also an entirely new experiment. This stool was successfully lightened to a weight of around 800 grams, and features a practical design that incorporates advanced furniture materials to make it both strong and light. This stool – … Read more



Teaware to Enjoy Tea Ceremony

As the cold winter passes and to feel the warmth of the spring arriving, it is always nice to enjoy your cup of tea with the tea bowl and teaware you love. At Sasayama Gallery KITA’S, we’ve selected tea bowls and teaware especially for tea ceremony. You can enjoy our tea in your favorite tea bowl displayed at the gallery, along with cakes and sweets of west and east. VENUE : April 12th (Thu) – May 13th (Sun), 2012 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.