NUNO – kibiso Reiko Sudo Exhibition

Ever since its start up from 1984, Reiko Sudo of NUNO has worked with traditional Japanese dyers from various parts of Japan, and there is a special textile that she is working on since 2007. Using “kibiso”, raw waste silk threads from cocoons. Textile made from kibiso is said to be high in moisture retention, ultraviolet absorbtion and antioxidation, and is used as skin care ingredient. In this exhibition, natural and ecological daily use goods made with kibiso are presented. VENUE : December 8th (Mon) – 25th (Thu), 2008 at Gallery anima. Handicraft Seminar No.19 “Talking about Textiles” “Talk Session: Reiko Sudo (Textile Designer) x Toshiyuki Kita” VENUE : December … Read more