Exhibition “Earthenware Pot & Hollowware”

As the cold winter season approaches, so will the dining scene with everyone surrounding and enjoying a single pot “Nabe” cuisine. Today, so many variations of “Nabe” cuisines are becoming popular, the center piece of the Earthenware pot is gathering attention widely.

In 2009, I was asked to design an IH-compatible Earthenware pot using carbon material as the heat generating source. 4 types of pots were made, one for “Nabe” cuisine, another for rice cooking, a stew pot and one that could be also used for steaming vegetables,  meat and fishes, etc. By using an innovative material as IH stove compatibility for Earthenware pots, regular gas oven tops and electrical oven tops are now usable either way. During this event at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S, table coordinator Kumiko Matsushita set the table table decorations with “Nabe” cuisine settings.

VENUE : November 12th (Sat) – December 27th (Tues), 2011 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.







Sasayama Gallery KITA’S Seminar No.6

“Talk Session: Makoto Ishida x Toshiyuki Kita

VENUE : November 26th (Sat)  14:00 – 15:00 at Sasayama Gallery KITA’S.

Mr.Kita first met with the manufacturer of the Earthenware “COOKPOT” series, Mr. Ishida, at the Higashiosaka City Design Seminar, a design workshop for small and medium-sized businesses where Mr.Kita was invited to become the design advisor for the West Osaka City. When the design request came for a new “Nabe” pot series, Mr.Kita felt his strong motivation as a manufacturer. Audience enjoyed the designing developments and its product story of this pot.

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