Timeless Future

This exhibition, Kita’s first large-scale exhibition in Japan in approximately 20 years, is composed of items produced in Japan, Italy, and Northern Europe (such as furniture, daily household goods, lighting equipment, and more), as well as works from the Triennale di Milano. It is an attempt to have an overhead view of design over a long span via futuristic design, lifestyle design, and traditional industrial design.

Period : Oct. 27(Thu) – Nov. 13(SUn), 2011 h. 10.30 – 19.00
* Closed on Wednesdays (excluding holidays) / open on Nov. 2
Venue : Living Desing Center OZONE
(3F Shinjuku Park Tower)

p1106_1 p1106_2 p1106_5 p1106_6

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